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Fiber Optics
Why use fiber optic cable?
Fiber optic cable is an excellent alternative to neon and other traditional lighting products but without any electricity in the cable itself. By using a color filter or color wheel in the illuminator, the cable, fiber ends or fixtures can change color. The cable emits little or no heat making it ideal for application where electricity heat is a concern such as wine racks, display cases, in or around eater. Fiber optic cable is energy efficient. Our most popular illuminator uses only a 150 W lamp.

Where can I use fiber optic cable?
Just about anywhere you like. Because there is little or no heat in the cable and no electricity your options are wide open. The outer jacket of the cable has UV inhibitors and algaecides and fungicides to further protect it in the environment.

When do I use fiber optic cable?
When you require a safe and energy efficient lighting system that has the ability to change color and is able to fit in an area that traditional lighting systems canít. It can be used for signs, building outlines, cove lighting, to illuminate architectural fixtures, swimming pool perimeters, underwater lighting, landscape lighting and so on.